Thank you for a memorable 2019 Art Fair

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  • Date 11 July 2019
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Well it was quite the art fair weekend. From the beginning there were challenges, primarily the condition of the park and parking lots.  Volunteers and myself moved booths, directed people to their new spots and the fair began without too much of a hitch.  But for those of you who weren’t down there on Sunday; the place was swimming after the storm and heavy rain. The water was up four inches in some booths and things were not looking good.  But optimistic attitudes prevailed and most people stuck it out and the crowds came and people made money! One artist regular reported her best sales ever! Some artists reported their best sales on Sunday.  Many artists wrote to express thanks for all the help and the calm commitment to making things work.  It was by most accounts a wealth of good will and cooperation. I would like to offer comments from artists as a testimony to the work you do.


I wanted to thank your tear down volunteers who helped me put everything in my truck so I could get on the road quicker.

I wanted to thank all of the wonderful volunteers who helped to make up this art fair.

I can’t think of a more helpful positive group that guided us in set up, general support and a lovely dinner.

The sense of community of all the volunteers working together was amazing.

 I want to offer a BIG thank you to you and the volunteers. You all do such a great job. We faced weather challenges but it all worked out.

And from me, a heart felt thank you to all the volunteers, aritsts, vendors and sponsors for one of the most memorable and enjoyable art fairs in my history.


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