Park Point Art Fair receives a MSAB festival support grant

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  • Date 10 December 2014
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PPAF awarded 2015 MSAB Festival Support Grant

The Park Point Art Fair is excited to announce our receipt of a 2015 Minnesota State Arts Board (MSAB) Grant in the amount of $21,612. The Arts Board grant provides us a unique opportunity to invest in promotions and marketing, artist demonstrations and performance, equipment, outreach and statistical analysis. The art fair will also reinvest its revenue generated in 2015 to more than match the arts board contributions.

Here are some highlights from the grant application that explains our goals and objectives:

The PPAF will build on its success in bringing multiple artistic disciplines together during the weekend for demonstration, hands on activity and performance. Activities will in part capitalize on the uniqueness of the venue and its environmental significance to Minnesotans through its interconnectedness and proximity to Lake Superior. That may include exciting hands-on activities like an iron pour, printmaking and weaving, as well as live music and other performance art.

PPAF will also seek to add new innovative partnerships and collaborations with local organizations serving multiple purposes that benefit the community. The PPAF intends to increase brand awareness through collaborations that happen year round. With the generous support of the MSAB, the PPAF will invest over $10,000 in promotions and marketing with the intent of broadening our audience and targeting people who are serious about buying art or have a need to fill a space with quality works of art.

“We hope new collaborations and more promotion will have the added benefit of increasing our volunteer base,” says PPAF coordinator Carla Tamburro. “We would like to recruit new volunteers with a variety of ages and experiences from beyond the geographic area of Park Point in Duluth. While we have experience and dedicated local participation on our side, it is imperative we bring in new people to sustain our mission.”

The grant will also help us develop a longer term marketing plan based on data, input from major stakeholders and revised measures. Professional statisticians from the University of Minnesota will assist our team with survey and data collection, including training volunteers, developing a process and generating a final report that will help guide the event’s future.

“The arts are important to our community and to our future. The arts enrich our lives and engage people from different backgrounds and generations in rich dialogues about who we are, where we come from and what is important to us. The State Arts Board recognizes the importance of the arts and that is why they offer these opportunities. The Park Point community also recognizes the importance of the arts and comes together to support local artists and reach new audiences in this annual get together.”




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