Park Point Art Fair Award Winners Return

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  • Date 28 May 2018
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Eight of our nine award winners from last year’s Park Point Art Fair are returning in 2018.

Welcome back to Eric King, Joyce Fritz, Peder Heglund, Claudia Faith, Anna Bailey, Douglas Becker, Robert Michaels, and Natalija Walbridge. Here is a little information about each to peak your interest.  Look for them on June 23 & 24 at The Park Point Recreation Area.

Eric King, The Photography award winner’s work can be seen at

“My work currently focuses on two lakes and the ecosystems they are a part of.  The first is Lake Ada; a small lake in central Minnesota, that though being increasingly developed you can still glimpse what it was like pre-development.  The second is the largest lake in the world by surface area with my work based on the Minnesota portion of Lake Superior’s North Shore.  Through time, exploration and experience I have gotten to know these subjects quite well allowing me to see past the obvious images and capture the “intimate landscapes”* within the greater landscape.”

Joyce Fritz, The Jewelry award winner’s work can be seen at

Color and patterns are key to Joyce’s process. She uses the technique of  millefiori, an Italian word meaning “one thousand flowers”.  This ancient method originally used in glass designs has been adapted by Joyce to create the intricacy and delicacy of a dragonfly’s wings. “Although the subject matter of insects in my work is something of a lark, I have enjoyed learning more about the insect world, and how it relates to the larger environment.”

Peder Heglund, The Ceramics award winner’s work can be seen at

Peder Hegland owns a studio and gallery located on the Mississippi River two miles north of Sartell, Mn. The gallery features wheel thrown and hand built stoneware pottery.

Claudia Faith, The 2-D award winners work can be seen at

Educated at the Uof M-Minneapolis, she received a degree in music theory and composition, spending the next several years performing with symphony orchestras throughout the Midwest. She credits a sense of form, balance, and color in painting to her musical training. When she retired early after twenty-three years in business, her husband said, “Do what you love. You’ve always been an artist, so paint.” So, in 2004, Claudia got some brushes and acrylic paint. Since then, sales and awards have come quickly.

Anna Bailey, The Wood award winners work can be seen at

Anna Bailey is a musician and visual artist who works mainly in reclaimed wood creating interesting patterns and relationships that give the materials a second chance on life. She is an avid DIYer whose passion for projects and creative pursuits led her build and exhibit.

Douglas Becker, The Glass award winners work can be seen at

Douglas Becker has over twenty years of glass-blowing experience. His designs focus on capturing the fluid movement of molten glass. To convey this into his finished pieces he creates softly distorted shapes and softens the surface of the pieces with etching and acid polishing.

Robert Michaels, Sculpture award winner

Using various found and salvaged metals, welded to create unique sculptures that have moveable or kinetic elements for the viewer to discover and interact with.

Natalija Walbridge, the Fiber award winner’s work can be seen at

Inspired by the industrial atmosphere of the city of Duluth, Natalija created Dock 5 as an artisan studio making canvas bags with unique prints. Each Dock 5 bag is handmade from start to finish and is created with the consumer in mind by incorporating functional details and Minnesota inspired art. Art work pictured.



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