Get a closer look at 7 award-winning PPAF artists

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  • Date 24 June 2019
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Get a closer look at 7 award-winning PPAF artists

You may already know the Park Point Art Fair (PPAF) offers the chance to meet artists and “take home a story” along with an original art purchase that supports small business. But do you know the story of how these artists get here?

Each year, a professional jury selects 115 visual artists from the upper Midwest and beyond to show and sell work at the PPAF. The jury also recognizes outstanding work in various media categories—ranging from ceramics, glass, jewelry and painting to printmaking, photography, fiber, woodwork, sculpture and multimedia—with $1,200+ in recognition prizes for top PPAF artists. The award winners are also automatically accepted into the next year’s show. 

Seven of our nine award winners from the 2018 Park Point Art Fair are returning in 2019. Welcome back to Karin Kraemer, Jordan Sundberg, Julie Arthur, Dan Neff, Sean MacManus, Eric Helland, Karin Rosetti and Richard Gruchalla. Here is a little information about each to pique your interest. Look for them on June 29 and 30 from 10 am to 5 pm at the Park Point Recreation Area. (See the complete list of artists at

Carrin Rosetti and Richard GruchallaBEST OF SHOW 

You can see this award winning pair’s work at,

Richard and Carrin work in the vessel form. That is, the objects they make have the form of utensils for holding something — a vase, a basket, a pot, etc. They work in clay and put the vessels through a firing process known as Raku. Raku is a process by which certain glaze finishes, textures, and looks are achieved. About working in clay they say, “There is something so rewarding about creating a beautiful object out of a form of lump of mud. Its elemental – earth, air, fire and water. The combining of these things with your own hands, skills, and imagination, and turning nothing into something is alchemy.” Both artists are past recipients of McKnight Fellowship Awards granted through the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council of Minnesota. 

Julie Arthur, the Fiber award winner

Julie is involved in making her finely woven garments and rugs every step of the way.  She works with the wool that becomes her art right off the sheep!  I am amazed that she can take a lump of dirty sheep’s wool and turn it into such things of beauty. Often, Julie will also use dyes from natural resources harvesting them herself.  She cleans, cards, dyes, spins, plans and weaves everything with her own hands.  Julie is a truly talented and committed artist.

Eric Hellend, The Wood award winner’s work can be seen at

A self-taught woodworker, Eric carefully chooses local specimens for their unique characteristics, allowing the wood to determine the project it will be used for. Whether it is a functional bowl or an elaborate mantel piece his goal is to honor the organic elegance of the Northwoods.

Karin Kraemer, The Ceramics award winner’s work can be seen at

It has been a bust time for Karin her gallery and studio, Duluth Pottery, moved into the growing Lincoln Park Crafts District in Duluth.  The space showcases her Maiolica pottery and the work of other professional potters. Maiolica is an in-glaze hand painted tin glaze technique.

Sean MacManus, Sculpture award winner’s work can be seen at 

Sean expresses himself in the medium of stone, drawing inspiration from antiquity and synthesizing natural and Gaelic influences. He explores methods of preserving ancient art forms, while remaining relevant. He is drawn to abstract and symbolic elements that transcend individual experience and connect us.  His sculptures include relief detailing the lines of Lake superior and our watershed as well as free standing shapes and textures.

Dan Neff, The Glass award winner’s work can be seen at

In the summer of 2012 Dan opened Lake Superior Art Glass in Duluth MN. He teaches classes, gives demonstrations and sells the work of over 60 other glass artists. More recently he moved his operation from downtown into Canal Park to a beautiful new space with large glass doors for optimal demonstration space.

Jordan Sundberg, The 2-D award winner’s work can be seen at

Jordan is busy capturing life in her beautiful prints. Moments cross country skiing, the first snow, ships coming through the canal, a campfire, the reflection on a  lake or the spirit of celebration are expressed through their most essential elements. The results are some beautiful layered prints.  It is hard not to relate to her work if you live and play in the Northland. Jordan is offering a new print on June 29! This one features the teeters steep-stacked hillside Duluth perches on with Lake Superior on the bottom waiting to catch loose roller skaters, brakeless cars and clumsy wanderers.

Karin Kraemer

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