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About the Festival


For 40 years the Park Point Community Club has hosted The Park Point Art Fair at the Park Point Recreation Area on the last weekend in June. The Art Fair has grown from a handful of artists offering their work on tables and blankets to 120 artists from across the region and nation who award-winning exhibit work in a premiere setting.

A commitment to the arts
The Park Point Community Club provides an appreciation dinner for the artists and the community volunteers. The Club hosted dinner gives community volunteers and artists the opportunity to socialize and catch up from year to year. The Saturday dinner has served to foster lasting relationships between artists and the community giving the whole event the feeling of a family reunion.

Artist awards
Artists are awarded for excellence based on the annual review of the field by art professionals. The Club awards a total of $1,300—along with 'art work awards' produced by one of the participating artists—to artists in seven categories as well as a Best of Show.

The appreciation for the awards and the meal abound. The event would not be the same in quality and ambiance without the clubs efforts to welcome and recognize the excellence and commitment the artists have shown. Some veteran artists have exhibited for 38 years, while excellent young artists are still drawn to the event for its prestige and importance to the Duluth arts community.

The art fair has broadened its focus in recent years to provide fair goers and families with an experience in the arts. The Community Club sponsors entertainment and activities. The young and the young at heART can create their own art work. Families are entertained by different performance artists playing music, telling stories, puppeteering and juggling have all found a place at the fair.




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