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Exhibition spaces are situated beside a paved path, allowing artists to unload work right where they exhibit. During show hours, you get the support of volunteers who supply everything from water to “booth-sitting” to a little friendly humor. And you’re invited to join us for an artist and volunteer dinner, a tradition that’s fostered friendships over the course of decades.

Many artists and festival goers alike consider this one of the region’s—if not the state’s—premiere art fairs.


The set-up at the art fair is extremely convenient allowing artists to park directly behind their tent. Artists who would otherwise not be able to participate because of the demands of hauling and set up are accommodated by this arrangement.

This is a juried event with more than $1,300 in annual show awards.

In determining participants, we keep the overall number to 110 to help selected artists better stand out.

More about the event

Not only is the festival situated in a stunning natural setting, Simply by being here, you’re supporting community.
We invest in marketing and publicizing beyond what you’d expect from a small grassroots organization. And we partner with supporters ranging from the city of Duluth Parks and Recreation to VisitDuluth, KUMD and other groups and businesses.

Artist comments
Whether it’s their first time at the event or they’ve been coming back for years, artists make a point of telling us they appreciate everything from the setting to the attendance to the special attention they receive from Park Point Community Club volunteers.

This community is super and really supports the show and my artwork wow!

Of the 38 to 40 shows we do each year for the past 30 years Park Point is one of our favorites.

You must be doing something right as our sales have gone up every year for the last three years. This year with the poor economy it was a thrill to do so well.

Park Point is a delightful fun setting for a show.

Park Point is one of the most beautiful places in Minnesota, I always arrive early to explore the pine forest and beach.