Grass Roots Support

Grassroots Support:
Volunteers savvy to the Community Club’s many community projects donate hundreds of hours of their time—planning, promoting, setting up, running and cleaning up the event. Many volunteers remember the first years of the fair, which began in 1970, and take pride in being a part of the proven success. It is not unusual to find twenty year veterans among the volunteers and lasting relationships between volunteers and artists.

The Community Club spends time, money and resources to maintain relationships with the artists and draw the best caliber of work and engender long term commitments on the part of all participants. Without this considerable investment made by the club and its volunteers on behalf of the artists the event would not be of the quality and the success it has been for so many years.

This is truly a grassroots event; from the organization and its happening to spending the money it generates. Volunteers and artists are well aware of the contributions made to the environment and the youth programs on the part of the Club and a unison of purpose and good will has driven its success and longevity.

Get involved and get to know your neighbors, while supporting a great tradition on the Point. Volunteers are needed before, during and after the Park to help set up, clean up, greet visitors, booth sit and assist children at the art make and take area. Volunteers may be needed late May early June to help distribute posters and bookmarks to area businesses.

The event raises money that the Community Club uses to support the ever popular summer youth program! Hope to see all the parents who send their children to the summer youth program at Lafayette volunteering at this year’s fair! The proceeds also support environmental projects like the preservation of the Minnesota Pine Forest, dune restoration and tree plantings.

Sign up to share as little or as much time as you can spare. In addition to the good karma, volunteers gain an invite to an exclusive, yet highly inclusive, artist dinner. Plus you can take home a t-shirt!

Volunteering at the Park Point Art Fair is so rewarding on so many levels. Please consider helping out the fair and have some fun!

Volunteer application 

Send to PO Box 16326 Duluth, MN 55816 or call Diane Gould at 727-4067