Community Service Projects x

Community service projects:
The art fair serves a greater good. The Community Club’s art fair proceeds support youth programs, environmental projects and a community newspaper—service projects that benefit the Park Point Community also serve the wider population of Duluth inhabitants. These projects have fostered a unity of purpose among volunteers, artists and fair goers alike. Some examples:

  1. The Park Point Summer Youth program. The Community Club funds and administers a youth program for Duluth children ages 5-13. Kids enjoy the beach, play baseball and tennis, kayak, do arts and crafts projects and go on field trips.
  2. Boardwalks. The Club has also built numerous boardwalks, including projects in conjunction with Rotary volunteers. Each boardwalk helps to prevent beach erosion and provide handicapped access to the beauty of the Park Point beach.
  3. Annual tree planting. Community Club members engage school children in planting trees to help stop beach erosion and to prevent sand from blowing onto walkways and public parking areas
  4. Community news. The Park Point Breeze, a community newspaper with a 32-year history, the Breeze informs readers and provides a forum for discussion about important issues—part of the glue that keeps our community together.
  5. Giving more. The Club and its members donate volunteer time and funding to various local charities that seek assistance.

Although these monetary figures represent a substantial investment back into Duluth, they do not reflect the value associated with the thousands of hours volunteered by Park Point residents and friends who make these projects possible.