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Congratulations to PPAF’s 2014 award winning artists. The artwork at this year’s fair was exceptional and this is evident when you look at the work of our award winning artists. What inspires them to create this magnificent work? There are some common threads, but each has their own path.

For Peter Ross, our Best of Show winner, the answer is definitive: nature. It is evident in his work which shows careful consideration of the texture in an owls feathers, the contours of bark on a cedar tree as it grips a rock on the water’s edge, or the intent expression of a kingfisher looking for food. He is attuned to the natural environment and this may be in part due to his degree in biology or his constant practice at his craft, which he likens to a journey. Thanks to Peter Ross for including us in his journey year after year when he returns to our idyllic island for the Park Point Art Fair. I wonder how many paintings have been inspired by The Point!

Bud Bullivant, our award winner in the sculpture category, shares Peter’s love of nature. He is an outdoorsman and has a passion for storytelling that is apparent in his art work. His wire sculpture is made of up-cylced materials that are light and easily shipped so they are beautiful representations of the natural world and environmentally sensitive. This was Bud’s first year at the Park Point Art Fair and we hope he will return for many more.

Not surprisingly Julie Crabtree, our award winner in the 2-D category, is inspired by the ever changing natural landscape. And she gets to see dramatic changes working out of Grantsburg, WI where summer temperatures contrast with winter lows. She effectively ‘paints’ on canvas with stitchery instead of pigment. She ‘draws’ over the canvas with her thread and then hand stitches with anything that will give her the desired effect of flowers or birch bark or clouds. The results are original and astounding. Julie is originally from England and studied at Mansfield College of Arts in Nottinghamshire. She has been coming to the Park Point Art Fair for nine years.

Steve Brimm, our award winner in the photography category, is inspired by nature and travel. His magnificent images of landscapes take you through his journeys to Costa Rica, Hawaii, Lake Superior and his home state of North Carolina. Steve enjoys backpacking, paddling and getting out in nature to watch, learn and experience that connection we all have with the natural world. His photography developed as an extension of those experiences. He is self taught which has allowed him to develop a unique style that focuses on light, texture and color. Steve is retuning to the Park Point Art Fair after a hiatus of a few years. We are glad to have him back.

Tonya Sell’s inspiration began as a child in her parents glass studio in Oulu Wisconsin where she returns yearly from mid- November until mid-January to manipulate glass with family. But Tonya cannot be described as a glass artist alone, her talents are numerous. She works in ceramics, fiber, paint, printmaking and collage as well as glass. She says that one experience (process) feeds the next. Collectively her work is built up with many layers and often has figurative qualities. She was the recipient of the judge’s award for outstanding work in multiple categories and we are always glad when she returns to our fair as she has done for the past six years.

Wendy Penta, our award winner in the ceramics category, creates handmade tiles. Her inspiration began as off shoot of another passion, antiques. Wendy worked in the antique and then mission style furniture businesses until an article on antique tiles rekindled her love of pottery. From there her inspiration led her to create tiles that are unique and modern but that capture a sense of the past. Some of her tiles remind me of Glensheen’s green room. They have a timeless quality that will enhance a room in anyone’s home.

Mary Reichert, our award winner in the fiber category, is inspired by others, including sheep! While living in Western Massachusetts and pursuing a dream to care for animals and plants her small sheep herd inspired her to begin weaving, felting, spinning and knitting. These experiences led her to Central Asia and complete immersion in the life of nomadic herders proficient in the art of felting. She also traveled to Kyrgyzstan to teach traditional felt making and study with Farzana Sharshenbieva. Mary’s grandmother was a weaver, spinner and lace maker so maybe we should say it’s in her genes. The was Mary’s first time at Park Point and we want to thank her for supporting her local community art fair.

Kirk Skylar creates original unique jewelry inspired by organic forms. My favorite are his gingko leaf necklaces that tumble and piroette as if the wind was creating the wonderful compositions. But Kirk Skylar does not only work in jewelry. He is also a landscape painter taken by the works of George Inness and James McNeil Whistler. These interests inform his jewelry work and are evident in tone and composition.  He is based in Minneapolis and attended the Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art. This is Kirk’s first time at The Park PointArt Fair and we hope he joins again again next year as I am saving up for a necklace.

Eric Helland, our award winner in wood, is inspired by the wood itself and it is evident in his work. It seems the wood chose the form he created instead of the other way around. But we know differently, he is carefully choosing each piece of wood from his Northern MN surroundings for its uniqueness and spending time on intricate detailing. The craftsmanship is superb. This was Eric Helland’s first year at Park Point, we hope it won’t be his last.

Peter Humeniuk is a painter who has always loved art. As a young boy he was always drawing. This passion led him to study at The Ontario College of Art and to become a successful watercolor painter. He wants to share his craft with other young or newer painters so he has created an instructional video that has been well received. Peters subject is always changing. Sometimes his inspiration is a water scene or landscape, this year jazz musicians full of color and movement filled his tent. I am wondering what’s next. I think you can say he is inspired by art and life. This was Peter’s second year at The Park Point Art Fair.

Douglas Becker is inspired by the hot glass and what it can do and after thirty years of working in glass, he can make it do some pretty amazing things! He creates forms that are familiar but totally unique. The attention to detail is evident in the etched outer surfaces and copper electro forming adornment. We are grateful Douglas tried us out in 2014 and hope to see him again next year.

So there you have it: our 2014 artists and their inspirations. The Park Point Art Fair was lucky to attract some new exceptional artists and simultaneously welcome back fabulous artists, from the local area and beyond. We want to thank each and every artist and say that you are all award winners in our book.

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